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"More Urban Farms Popping Up in Baltimore": Daily Record

"Surrounded by boarded-up homes, broken windows that showcase leaky ceilings, rusting emergency ladders and abandoned clotheslines, Lolita Slocum picks a tomato to cook with her dinner."

"Generation Skill": Baltimore City Paper
An article about the third-annual DIY Fest -Martin L. Johnson
"[DIY] combines different fields--political activism, healthy foods, being self-sufficient," co-organizer Aliza Sollins says. "It gives you so much freedom."

Contributor to the best-selling book by Arsenal Pulp Press
“Knit graffiti” is an international guerrilla movement that started underground and is now embraced by crochet and knitting artists of all ages, nationalities, and genders. 

"Making It": Urbanite
A hardy crew of food fanatics takes do-it-yourself to an all-new level -Michelle Gienow

"People come to Food Makers to find joy in the adventure of feeding ourselves," [Bachman] says. "And the potlucks are just awesome."

"Make it yourself, fix it yourself": Baltimore Sun
Video: Baltimore resident Aliza Sollins talks about permaculture and DIY life at Maker Faire 2009 -Liz F. Kay

Maker Faire = rockets & robots • diy science & technology • arts & crafts • bicycles • electronics • artisan foods • urban farming • sustainable living • woodworking • circuit boards • maker shed • alternative energy vehicles • fire arts • live music • art cars • tesla coils • arduino & kits • and so much more!

"Kombucha is steeped in controversy": Baltimore Sun
The fermented tea drink looks like 'probiotic' health food to some, moldy risk to others -Laura Vozzella

Called kombucha, it is a drink with a dual identity. There's the commercial version that comes in pretty pastels and fetches upward of $3 a bottle at natural foods stores. And there's the brown, pennies-per-serving home-brew, made with a scary-looking blob of bacteria.

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