Puzzles First In Homescapes

Homescapes is a fine game and it is brought to you by the same people that made and brought you Gardenscapes. In fact the same character Austin the butler from Gardenscapes comes back in Homescapes. Basically this home belongs to Austin’s parents and it is your job to help him renovate and get the place back into shape. Now there is a main story to follow but you are pretty much free to play the game to your leisure. The point is that you have to play puzzles to unlock content and use them to beautify the house. Now if you are the type of player that likes to go for aesthetics then that’s fine. However one effective thing that you can do is to progress the story as well as read more about the Homescapes Hack.

That way you can unlock more content and household items that you can use to make your house much more beautiful. Now lets get to the puzzle mechanics of Homescapes. The puzzles are your traditional match three in a row or something like that. Each puzzle or level requires you to get a specific number of tiles. Just for example, one level could be you required to collect 12 red tiles and 21 blue tiles. It could be different to another level with numbers and tile colors. The best thing you can do when playing the levels would be is to complete the level’s requirement first. While you can do some cool combos and connections, they don’t add any bonus points so just focus on the required tiles.

There are times where you need to match other tiles that aren’t required but you may need to do it because you can’t match any of the required tiles until you move other tiles. Speaking of move that’s another thing that you need to watch out for. In each level you will have a limited number of moves. Just like in one level you can have 20 moves and then maybe 14 in another. You should focus on clearing those required tiles so that you won’t use up all of your moves. If you use up all of your moves before you clear the tiles then you would fail the level and that’s one loss heart.

The levels are easy at the beginning but later begin to become a bit harder and more. Don’t worry though as there some power ups that you can use when you’re playing the puzzles. Power ups that can destroy tiles in a row or column and others. Just remember that the puzzles in Homescapes are just a part of the main gameplay. You still have to rearrange and spice up the look of your home to get the best results. We’re just saying that maybe just do the puzzles first before you proceed deeper into the game. Plus the puzzles in Homescapes are fun so that shouldn’t be a problem either way.