Sunday, January 13, 2013

Getting Ready for Gardening 2013

Getting ready for gardening 2013!

It's January and the seed catalogs have arrived. Yesterday we met with some of our main community gardeners to pick out seeds and discuss plans for next year. The main two requests: a fence for the garden and more space to garden. We made a list of seeds to get, and it seems that red potatoes, tomatoes, spinach and peppers are popular.

Ms. Vera checking out the Baker Creek heirloom seed catalog. Definitely one of my favorite catalogs for sure.

Everyone was in the Ravens spirit! Seriously every single person we saw was on their way to watch the game. Caw!

During the month of January Cheryl and I are busy writing grants, organizing our crop plans, purchasing seeds, and cleaning up our storage areas for next year.

In February we will be busy doing a variety of construction projects at the farm, such as putting doors on our hoop house, a roof and rainwater catchment system on the storage shed, and building anther community garden and a children's garden.

This spring we hope to partner with Cecil Kirk Elementary School to host a weekly after school garden program, so we are also planning for that partnership.

Our work is certainly cut out for us! If you would like to stop by the farm or volunteer, please send me an email at and I will add you to our email list.

Thanks everyone, and happy garden planning!

p.s. Apologies for the missing photos on this blog. I am having an issue with my photo albums in Google, and have not yet had the time to fix it. A dream of mine is getting a better website up and running before spring, we will see if I can get it done! Thanks so much for reading.

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