Monday, October 3, 2011

Homing Pigeon Workshop Is Rescheduled!

Due to some communication errors, it turned out that Chicken-Man and I had our own private homing pigeon class on Sunday.

If you missed the class, it is going to be rescheduled! The new class is going to be on Sunday, October 16th at 11 a.m.

The Facebook event page is here, or you can contact me at for details. 

Allen was a lovely host and showed us around the coop, talked about the breeding of the birds, showed us some pigeon fancier magazines, and even let the birds out of the coop for a bit.

Above is a brief video I took of Allen releasing the pigeons from his coop. Totally loving the screen shot YouTube is displaying at the still image!

Here you can see a more detailed video of the sport from Current TV:

I also like this shorter piece of footage with Allen whistling to the birds to signal them to come home. They hadn't been out for a few days so even though they were hungry they were more interested in hopping from roof to telephone wire:

Enjoy! And I hope to see you at the next workshop! Allen is a great guy and it was a lot of fun to get an inside look at this hobby and sport.
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