Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thanks for coming to our market in Remington!

Thanks to everyone who came to our market in Remington yesterday!

We sold handmade pasta, okra, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, collards, kale, squash, banana peppers and pickles. This is the table display before Cheryl showed up with about four times as many cucumbers, a lot more tomatoes, and more okra and peppers. More produce was also in a cooler, this is just the display.

The handmade pasta is in the jars (the purple kind was colored with beets, and the more orange kind was colored with carrots). Definitely hoping to make more of that soon!

All total we made enough funds to purchase tools (maybe a really nice mallet for putting in trellises or fence posts, or a wheelbarrow so we don't have to keep borrowing one) or about one third of the cost to have the city open up our water main on the street so we don't have to hook up 200 feet of hose to the fire hydrant. Or we could get more lumber, or seeds, or pay some of the neighborhood kids to help with garden harvests and care.... so many choices!

Thanks again everyone, and with all this rain and nice weather I'm sure I'll be posting about more pop-up markets soon!


cg said...

Sorry we missed it! Can't wait for the next one.

AlizaEss said...

Aw, no problem, see you next time! I'm hoping to set up a table at the corner of Elm and 36th for HampdenFest!

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