Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Canning! Peaches, Plums, and Cukes

It's been a little quieter here than usual- I've been canning!

Peaches, plums, and cucumbers so far, and I hope to do tomatoes next. Then the general plan is to move on to pressure canning non acidic foods like beans with sage and meat broth.

Just uploaded a bunch of photos and I'll be posting more details soon. I need to clean out my Picasa photos first since it's all full up and won't let me post any more to the blog.

If you've been clicking links and they have an /!\ where the photo should be, that's because I accidentally deleted some photos from Picasa while trying to make more room. Argh. Re-post time!

Somehow it worked out that I've been canning about a crate of fruit per Sunday. Two Sundays ago it was peaches. Peach pie filling (a little watery so it might be sauce), peaches in syrup, and peaches with Grand Marnier. See top photo!

Some of those peaches got opened up this Sunday and added to plums, banana peppers, spices, honey, and cider vinegar for some delicious sweet and spicy roasting fruit. I'm envisioning dumping a jar of this into a roasting pan with a chicken or duck this winter... yum!

This is the fruit pre-cooked when it looked much prettier in the jar.

Boone Street Garden pickles! All made with produce grown from our garden. Very mustard-seed strewn pickles, okra pickles, mixed okra-cuke-green tomato pickles, and two half-pints of zucchini relish leftover from the block party on Sunday.

Can't wait to post more details soon! And I've got photos from Saturday's block party too. For now I'll just leave you all with a video of the Baltimore Showstoppers, the marching unit that performed at the block party. Thanks!

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