Monday, August 1, 2011

Boone Street Cleanup Day

The Boone Street garden is hosting a block party this Saturday, August 6th, in collaboration with the Baltimore Neighborhood Energy Challenge. The block party has been a good reason to get the garden prettied up!

Last Thursday and Saturday we had cleanup days to pick up trash, trim the weeds, put up a community garden sign, rake all the lovely hay from our fresh cut grass, and more!

Special thanks to Mr. Lowell, Ms. Lolita, Ms. Janine, Ms. Haroline, Ms. Cindy, Mr. Brent, Ms. Marisa, and of course all the kids who came out and helped us rake hay and put up the sign. We ate zucchini bread and had fun getting things cleaned up! The girls even told me about the Disney "Friends for Change" show, and they want to send in a video and photos from the block party to show what's going on in their neighborhood.

Our newly expanded perennial bed mulched with all the hay... Cheryl managed to get some really interesting perennial plants on sale like horseradish root, curry plant, and more. Can't wait for next year when we can really start harvesting these perennials!

The bed doesn't look like much right now since it's so hot and it's a new bed so we are leaving lots of room for the plants to expand on their own over the next few years. But eventually we will have lots of tea herbs like chamomile, mint, mountain mint, echinacea, and more as well as edible perennials like sorrel, strawberries, rosemary, sage, oregano, etc.

I'm also hoping to feed the rabbits and chickens with that hay... hay is usually about $10 a bale so I'm hoping to cut down on our feed costs a bit!

Speaking of lowering feed costs, stay tuned for photos and a post about the soldier fly larvae I was happy to find in our rabbit compost bin!

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