Thursday, July 14, 2011

"What About Here?" | @ Artscape 2011

Yup, this year the garage across from the Charles Theater (1714 N. Charles Street)is the place to be again for Artscape 2011!

Posted above is Nick Biddle's video of the 2010 BaltimoreDIY table. Here is a link to the post about last year if you missed it!

I have some other engagements so I won't be able to do the table again this year, but I will be there THIS FRIDAY (7/15) selling food made with Boone Street garden produce.

What types of food will Cheryl and I be selling?

Our cucumbers and carrots pickled in rice vinegar and honey will be topping vegetarian banh mi sandwiches. Zucchini and squash are going into lemon-scented zucchini bread. And we'll have some kale as well, perhaps cooked with sesame seeds and soy. For drinks we'll have some herbal tea made from our own mint, basil, chamomile, and lavender syrup. Come stop by and say hi!

Of course, there will be tons of other amazing demos at the show. Special thanks to Marian Glebes for being a fabulous curator!

Here's the announcement from the event Facebook page:

In its third year of Artscape, the parking garage exhibition across the street from the charles theatre continues to invite the viewer, browser, citizen, nomad, consumer, activist, visitor, wanderer, creator to ask the question, "What about here?"

A parking garage is a specific arena constructed for temporary occupation by objects or persons, and a ground for chance-encounters, brief inter-personal interactions, and the execution of routines. Its ordinariness makes it invisible, but it is a linkage in the system of travel and place, and connects users to their final destinations, coming and going, as it is a fleeting container for both vehicle and trajectory.

for three days during artscape, this garage wants you to park.

participating artists include:

baltimore free school
open city (MICA with Carey Chiaia and collaborators)
the baltimore free store
gary kachadourian
at_capers, or, and also, the food cart (dane nester)
boone street community farm
marian & fred
rachel valsing & c. ryan patterson
beau finley
baltimore free farm
joanna kopcxyk
grant whipple
vincent carney
...with image engineering's pyrotechnics

curated by marian april glebes


Friday, July 15th: Baltimore Free School 2nd Anniversary Party at Artscape! And BFS Lecture Series all weekend!

It's the Baltimore Free School's birthday party! We've made it TWO YEARS, and to celebrate, we'll be getting down in proper DIY style at Artscape. Come join us after the festival hours on Friday, 10 - 11:30 pm in the garage across from the Charles Theater (1714 North Charles St.)

Dance to the Veveritse Brass Band, a brilliant 10-pc brass-and-drums orchestra coming from Brooklyn to play Balkan dance music for us! Or just hang loose and enjoy the post-festival glow with friends. Pay-what-you-can donations appreciated.

Having kicked off the weekend the right way, come back to the garage Saturday and Sunday for the Free School Lecture Series and to check out all the other great grassroots projects showcased there, including the Baltimore Free Store and the Baltimore Free Farm! Hope to see you there!

And here is the schedule for the Free School Lecture Series:


12pm: The Democratization of Open Source and DIY with Matthew Forr
What the Arduino and are doing for us.

1pm: What You Already Know About Harm Reduction with Jacqueline Robarge, Carmen Shorter, and Abby Maloney
A participatory workshop to discuss the philosophy and practice of harm reduction

3pm: Stare in the Darkness: The Limits of Hip-hop and Politics with Lester Spence
What does hip-hop have to do with politics? How the four elements of hip-hop are used politically.

4pm: Why Independent Media Matters with the Baltimore Indypendent Reader
A panel of Indyreader editors discuss independent media today.

5pm: The Illusion of Credit and Wealth with Matt Weaver
Matt Weaver discusses credit and the modern economy

6pm: Emancipatory Research and Prison Reform with Lawrence Grandpre
An Analysis of Youth Criminal Justice Policy Within the African American Research Paradigm

7pm: Charm City Boys Drag King Show


12pm: Intro to Herbal Medicine Making with Mark Gunnery
Introduction to making herbal preparations with local plants.

1pm: Yoga Class with Heather Hax
Yoga class, bring your own mats, all levels welcome

2pm: Street Harassment with Shawna Potter from Hollaback!
Workshop on combatting street harassment

3pm: Movement Against the Drug War Model in Mexico and Why We Should Care with Clayton Conn
This lecture will be an overall view of current affairs in Mexico, the dynamics and hopes of the growing movement and resistance, and why it all matters to us in the United States.

4pm: Bike Maintenance 101 with Josh Keogh
Learn basic bicycle maintenance

5pm: Dicks in Poetry with Cass Adair
Phallic references in literature have gotten a bad rap ever
since folks remembered that Freud was a misogynist. But
don't worry, this talk will be awesome and full of jokes.

6pm: Spoken Word Performance by Ron Williams

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