Monday, July 11, 2011

Montana Vacation Update: Part II

It's been a little slow coming since I've been busy catching up at my day job and the Boone Street Garden, but here's a photo update of the rest of the Montana vacation. I hope you enjoy!

(I'll leave the remaining pictures in the smaller size so as not to clog of some your computers in case they run slow, but if you'd like to see the photos enlarged you should be able to click on them and they will open in a new tab.)

Avalanche Lake

We camped among the RVs at a KOA "kampground" - it was the closest campsite to the wedding location and we didn't feel quite prepared for backcountry camping. It was a little rowdier than regular camping, but nice to have hot water available at the continental breakfast spread each morning for free tea and oatmeal!

Tent time!

This license plate pretty much sums it up:


On the way up to Avalanche Lake, you walk through an old-growth cedar and hemlock grove. So lovely!

(I thought a lot about my fellow fairie friend Katie Red walking through all those mossy rocks and giant trees)

It's busy season at the parks right now (especially 4th of July weekend) so the trails had a lot of traffic, but everyone was so friendly and just happy to enjoy the view

So many lovely cabins in the area! This was one of the cabins around the Lake McDonald Lodge.

Beautiful lanterns in the lobby of the lodge:

We took a break from hiking and took a boat ride on the lake:

And even saw some wildlife  (I don't have photos of the dung beetles though!). We saw this deer on one of our hikes from the KOA to the wedding lodging area:

Bighorn sheep in the Two Medicine area of the park:

A very cheeky little chipmunk at Avalanche Lake who clearly has become accustomed to people and their trail mix:

On our third day we decided to brave the three hour drive around the park to East Glacier. As soon as we arrived we saw two black bears so it was worth it! Park rangers, don't worry we didn't stop our car and cause a "bear jam!"

The park borders the Blackfeet Reservation:

During our Two Medicine hike we were excited to touch snow in July.

Montana, you are beautiful!

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