Monday, June 20, 2011

Urban Food Fair Went Great!

Our first market day last Saturday went great! Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Urban Food Fair to say hi and purchase fresh produce grown right here in Baltimore City.

All five jars of radish kimchee sold out, as did all five jars of foraged serviceberries. We also used up about three cups of lavender syrup and two cups of serviceberry syrup for some special flavored lemonades. Loose chamomile for tea, beet greens, purslane, and mixed kale-mustard-collard greens were also sold.

We really didn't want to use a lot of disposable plastic cups, so we decided to sell the lemonade in glass jars and have people put down a $1 deposit on the jar. The system worked really well, and I think some people even kept the jars as souvenirs which was fine with me. Loved not having all that trash waste at the end of the market, and it helps that Chicken-Man has a dishwasher at his house to clean those glass jars. The system wouldn't work for a giant market like Artscape, but for sales of probably up to 40 glasses of lemonade it works.

I even had the honor of making a serviceberry lemonade for Spike Gjerde of Woodberry Kitchen! I kept my cool and didn't squeal in excitement or anything... he was so nice and said he liked it!

Cheryl and our Americorps farm assistant Baba harvesting the beets that morning (you couldn't get beet greens or pickled beets any fresher!):

We harvested about seven pounds of beets and seven pounds of greens. After harvesting the beets at 8 a.m., Baba washed the greens and I pickled the beets, and we all generally prepped for the market until about 11:30.

Love the color of these pickled beets! I hate the recipes that are full of cloves and super-sweet, so I cut the sugar in the recipe in half and used peppercorns and mustard seeds instead of cloves and cinnamon. Mmm, savory and tart!

Other market photos:

Our friend Elisa from Whitelock Farm:

Cheryl handing the Real Foods farm manager Tyler a lemonade glass:

Thanks again everyone, this market was wonderful. I was so nervous back in early April when our first sprouts were barely poking up. I kept saying it wouldn't feel real until the first crops were harvested and made into real food for people. Now that dream has come true, and it couldn't have been better.

The okra are just starting to put out their first little pods, the squash, zucchini, and cukes are flowering, and the greens are getting larger every day. We are still putting transplants of peppers and melons in the ground and even starting more seedlings of greens. I can't wait to think of new products to make with all of this great produce.

I'll you all at another market soon!


Samantha said...

Looks like a wonderful day! I'm bummed I missed it. The housewarming BBQ prep had me pretty consumed all day. It was great seeing you on Friday at the MAP event. :)

AlizaEss said...

We hope to be at another market once our cukes and okra are ready... probably mid to late July. I'm sure I'll let you know!

Great seeing you at the MAP event too, I've got a goal to keep going out to other art and music shows and not get more obsessed with farming and food stuff than I already am :)

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