Friday, June 3, 2011

New Bunny!

As I mentioned two weeks ago, our American Chinchilla doe, Ethel, had kits! She had a very small litter of two, and one survived. Here it is!

The kit, or baby bunny, is about two weeks old. In case you are wondering, I do believe it will turn grey with time, much the same way the chickens change color as their fuzz falls out and their real feathers grow in.

Here it is being shy and trying to hide behind mama:

Peeking out:



You can read more about raising rabbits as part of a homegrown household on Pluck and Feather, a Bay Area urban homesteading blog I enjoy. Scroll down and you will see some of my comments!

This baby bunny post is dedicated to my sister, who I wish much happiness and congratulations on her new marriage!! Watching her become such an elegant bride and get married to her fabulous new husband put an even bigger grin on my face than this baby bunny does. Congratulations!

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