Monday, June 13, 2011

MICA Class Visit to Boone Street

Today a MICA class came on a visit and workday to Boone Street Farm!

So amazing to have the help of over a dozen people... we got an entire new row built, lots of crabgrass taken out, and four apple saplings put in the ground. Thank you all so muich!

The class was also interested in hearing about how the community garden and urban farm functions, how it works with the community, what the steps were in creating the garden, how we interact with the rest of the Baltimore urban farming community, and food security and education in general. I was really wishing we could have recorded the conversation!

The photo above is Cheryl showing the class the community side of the garden.

I was hoping that one of our regular helpers would show up and was excited when our friend Brian came by to see what was going one.

I'd say Brian comes to the garden pretty much every day. He's got a small plot with three pumpkin plants in the community garden, but mostly just likes to hang out with us and ask if he can use the pickax or get in my truck. This morning he wanted to dig in the dirt with a shovel so he helped us put in a small area for flowers. He said a few words to the class about what he likes about the garden, which apparently is "watering and getting to play in the garden."

 The other side of the garden is the farm side where we are growing produce that will hopefully sustain the farm economically in the future so we don't have to rely on continual grant funding. It's also our area for personal projects, like figuring out new companion planting combinations or testing soil quality based on different cover crops grown.

While the class was visiting the garden I harvested our radishes for making kimchee. The kimchee will be just one of our Boone Street products available at the Urban Food Fair at the Real Food Farm in Clifton Park THIS SATURDAY! You should come visit!

Here is everyone checking out our cucumbers and okra. Beets are planted in the row to the right. These photos were taken last week during one of those 100 degree days and all the plants look like wilted hell. Can't wait to post the photos I took this morning after all the nice rain we got... the plants are bursting out all over!

The potatoes:

Sorghum and black-eyed peas:

There are also plenty more crops, like greens, peanuts, peppers, tomatoes, oregano, and basil.

Here's a view of the curved area of the garden (we are trying to curve the rows to follow the slope of the ground and capture how rain drains more efficiently.) We've got about one-third of the lot covered:

Hope to post more photos of the lush, happy plants soon! I've been wondering what the peanut flowers would look like and finally found out so I'm excited to post the shots. I guess for a final photo I'll show the hubbard squash's sad state last week:

Stay tuned for the post-rain pics!

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