Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Summer Solstice 2011!

Long-time BaltimoreDIY readers will recognize this photo from last year's summer solstice post.

My fellow fairy Katie Red and I try to celebrate each of the solstice's together with seasonal food, floral decorations, etc. Last year we had an herbal salad of nasturtium blossoms, basil, daylilies, pea shoots, and more. We also had pesto with pickled carrots and goat cheese, and pickled beets with yogurt.

I brought over some sparklers to celebrate the closing of the longest-lit day of the year, and Katie's husband Jason ended up snapping this pic of the sparkler in a fiery circle. Quite the perfect solstice symbol!

Like last year, Katie and I will be celebrating at the close of the solstice. I have a bunch of beet greens leftover from the beet harvest on Saturday morning, so I'm thinking of making asian-style greens with a little sugar, chili, and sesame seeds. They'll be a side dish for Korean pajeon (pancake), which will make use of our many eggs. I also have a jar of plum jam leftover from last year that I've been saving for a special occasion. Perhaps a drizzling sauce for the pajeon!

How do you celebrate the solstice?

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