Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MICA Class Visit #2 & An Experiment: How Long Will It Take This "Biodegradable" Bag to Biodegrade?

This is going to be a short post since I've got to run out to the monthly Greater Greenmount Community Association meeting.

But I said yesterday I'd post a photo of how happy the plants look after these lovely rainy days and cooler temperatures. The above photo is our hubbard squash, black eyed pea, and sorghum plants during last week's nearly 100 degree temperatures.

Monday the plants looked much better!

The sorghum and black eyed peas:

My favorite shot of the peanuts:

Ms. Haroline walking in the background with a shot of the beets:

Cheryl and Ms. Haroline, with a view of the squash:

 Cheryl welcoming the MICA class, with a view of the okra and cucumbers row. We are hoping that as the okra grows tall, we can easily trellis the cukes onto the okra:

Also, I'm trying an experiment.

I received a biodegradable shopping bag at OK Natural, my favorite local health food co-op on Preston Street.

Say you add that biodegradable bag to your worm compost bin... I was curious to know just how long it will take the bag to break down. This post marks the start of the experiment! I will keep you all posted.

It's interesting to note that biodegradable products are only able to break down if they are added to a compost pile. So if you're tossing that corn-cup into the trash, it's not going to receive enough oxygen and microbials in the landfill to help it break down (in my layman's terms, I'm not a scientist!).

The bag was put into the compost bin on June 10th, I believe.


My friend Geoff Stack has informed me that I should find out what the bag is made out of, because some biodegradable bags are just made to break down into tinier pieces more quickly, while other bags actually biodegrade. See, I'm learning already!

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