Friday, June 3, 2011

Giant Egg!

I pity the Araucana chicken who laid this giant egg! It's so big!

Chicken Man and I decided not to eat it, just in case.

One of the interesting things about growing your own food is coming into contact with food that doesn't exactly look like the picture-perfect grocery store variety.

Sometimes that's great, like these lovely blue Araucana eggs or the large white radishes that interested our Boone Street neighbors (before the SWAT team showed up!), but other times it is just plain weird!

According to the website Poultry Help, eggs can have a number of different abnormalities, such as having no shell, or having an egg within an egg.

And with that, please enjoy this YouTube video! I love the reactions of the couple filming- hah!:


Kara Mae said...

this is the coolest thing i've seen in awhile.
made me remember how when I was a kid staying on Chincoteague Island, the grocery store sold cartons of double-yolk eggs.
do they sell those at markets around here?
i don't use that many eggs so I wouldn't know

AlizaEss said...

Whaat... I've never heard of cartons of double-yolk eggs being sold. I guess they just hold the eggs up to a light to check? Must have taken them a while to get a dozen double-yolk eggs since in all the time our chickens have been laying I don't think we've ever gotten a double-yolk. Mmmm, extra cholesterol! p.s. that sounds like an awesome tidbit to include in a certain type of historical food book!

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