Monday, June 6, 2011

Duck Update

The ducks are getting big! 

Just one month ago they were still fuzzy little peepers cuddling together in a box. Remember?

Now they have all their feathers, they're quacking instead of peeping, and they're as big as the chickens!

The Indian Runner/Rouen mix next to a Rhode Island Red chicken:

Duck party with the chickens:

Oh man though, we need to get a smaller wading pond. The ducks absolutely love to splash around, but the water gets really gross really fast. And it's hard to get rid of that much dirty water. I've got my  eye out for a smaller container we can fill with water for the ducks to splash around in.

Just to make things fun, everyone escaped the run while I was turned around taking photos!

Cue hilarious Jack Benny soundtrack as I run around picking everyone up and throwing them in the run so I can get to work on time!

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