Friday, June 17, 2011

Come Visit Us at the Urban Food Fair Tomorrow!

Come visit the Boone Street farm tomorrow (Saturday 6/18) at the Urban Food Fair at Real Food Farm!

The schedule:
 Saturday, June 18 @ Real Food Farm
9:00 to noon | Volunteer Activities
Noon & on | Local Lunch Vendors
Noon to 2 | Urban Farmers Market, Seed-Planting Station, Farm Tours & More

Featured Farms: Boone St. Farm, Five Seeds Farm, Great Kids Farm, Real Food Farm, Whitelock Community Farm, and more.

Other exhibitors will include: Slow Food Baltimore, Blue Water Baltimore, Baltimore Neighborhood Energy Challenge, Baltimore Center for Green Careers and more.

Just check out those lovely beet greens in the above photo. We'll have those available, and my goal is to pickle and can all of the beet roots tonight. We may have pickled carrots too, depending on how much time I have for canning and how large the carrots are.

The oblong leaves in the lower area of the photo are purslane, which we will also be bringing to market. You may have noticed purslane spreading through your garden, it pops up seemingly out of nowhere and is incredibly resilient. If purslane has popped up and spread through your garden, you have a fun garden bonus.

According to Wikipedia, "purslane contains more omega-3 fatty acids (alpha-linolenic acid in particular[4]) than any other leafy vegetable plant." If you've never had it, purslane has a lovely firm and crunchy texture and slightly lemony taste, which goes great on top of hummus and crackers, as a garnish, or as an addition to cool summer salads. Famed forager Wildman Steve Brill writes that it was Ghandi's favorite food!

Total list of Boone Street products we will be bringing to market:

Beet greens
Pickled beets
Pickled carrots*
Homemade radish kimchee
Canned serviceberries in syrup
Lavender syrup
Chamomile tea by the glass and jar
Lavender lemonade by the glass and jar


Hope to see you there! Come say hi!

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