Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Knead With Your Neighbors

BaltimoreDIY readers have heard me talk about King Arthur Flour quite a bit.

How could I not love a flour company that is employee-owned and has been around since George Washington's first term in office?!

Their website is a really solid resource for bakers of all levels. Lots of recipes for everything from Cheese Penny crackers to to Pain Au Chocolate, and plenty of tips and primers to boot.

Bread baking is a mysterious art. I've been baking bread for a little over a year and I still feel like each loaf is a surpise (Here's a link to my first attempt posted on BaltimoreDIY if you're curious).

I suppose it would help if I did the same thing each time I baked a loaf. Practice does help figure things out in general though, like what the ideal dough should feel like when wet and that it tastes pretty yummy to sprinkle sesame and poppy seeds on the baking sheet to prevent the dough from sticking.

Having the right tools would help too. Soon I hope to pick up an unglazed stone slab from the Loading Dock or somewhere to use as a cheap baking stone.

I had heard of the King Arthur classes but never dreamed one would come to Baltimore. Well, we're in luck!

Saturday, May 14th there is going to be a King Arthur baking classes hosted by the Johns Hopkins Engineering Department.

No matter if you don't know the difference between a fougasse and vatnsdeigsbollur, if you're interested in learning more about baking at all, a class with King Arthur is a great place to start.

For Adults, College Students, and High School Students:

What: "Knead with Your Neighbors" We will be offering a special session just for adults, college students, and high school students! The event is kid-friendly, but the lesson is intended for adults.

Who: Any adult, college student, or high school student. We are inviting the whole community!

When: Saturday, May 14th from 11am to 1pm.

Where: Johns Hopkins University Campus at 3400 North Charles Street, Baltimore MD 21218
Building: Levering Hall (Building #27 on the campus map)
Room: Great Hall

Why: To learn the science, engineering and math of baking bread and to have fun!

Cost: Free but you should register here

Parking: There will be free parking available at the Wyman West Surface Parking Lot (Area #69 on the campus parking map)


Angry Asian said...

thx for the heads up! i signed up, see you there.

AlizaEss said...

Yay! See you there!

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