Tuesday, May 17, 2011

King Arthur Baking Workshop (5.14.11)

This past Saturday, Johns Hopkins University hosted a baking workshop by the King Arthur Flour company. There were many lovely Baltimore Foodmakers in attendance, a raffle with all kinds of goodies, a history of King Arthur, and an awesome sweet dough workshop.

The excited crowd (what's up foodmaking friends in the front row!):

For starters, it was great to come in from the rain and be greeted by plates of absolutely delicious fudge brownies and cookies!

After learning a bit about bread baking in general and the history of King Arthur flour, there was a demonstration on sweet dough and how to make a "false braid" pastry. I took photos so you can see the process!

The dough recipe was the same as the "Braided Lemon Bread" posted on the King Arthur website.

Making the dough (I really want a dough whisk now):

After the dough is rolled out, make indentations in it with your bench knife (which is another tool I really want now!) Make cuts along the outer portions as pictured:

Trim out the end pieces:

 Fill with jam, custard filling, chocolate chips, or even savory fillings if you left the sugar out of your dough recipe. Take care not to over-fill or you will end up with a gooey mess. Make sure you leave a space around the filling in the middle. Fold in the end:

Then begin folding in the side fringes, overlapping each piece:


I was pretty jealous of the person who won this lovely baked good in the raffle! Although it did help that I received a plastic bench scraper of my own, free packets of yeast, a recipe pamphlet, a tote, and some free flour in the raffle. Yay!

Although so many of the King Arthur recipes still intimidate me, I have definitely been inspired to start baking again. I just have to find time to do it with all this gardening!

The good thing is, if you make a batch of dough ahead of time, it will get more flavorful if you leave it in the fridge and bake it the next night.

Happy baking!


Chuck Donofrio said...

Fellow Foodmaker,

Was there a specific recipe for sweet bread or was it more about the technique?

Deb D.

AlizaEss said...

The recipe used was identical to the one for "Braided Lemon Bread" on the King Arthur website, although at the workshop she filled the pastry with raspberry jam: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/braided-lemon-bread-recipe

Angry Asian said...

in the 2nd pic, all the way in the back! i'm just a blur, i was probably busy stuffing my face with goodies.

seriously, this braided bread is so good and easy to make. she really did a great job of breaking down teh steps so it's not intimidating. my friend wendi made it too and hers came out really well. i hope you make this soon & blog about it!

(i wanted to win the dough whisk too! i won the sample flour that the kids got in their demo. i was the one who yelled out "WINNER!")

AlizaEss said...

Thanks for the link! Mmm, chocolate filled bread.

Yeah, I feel like pretty much any recipe is easy once you break it down into enough steps (although some involve about eighteen trillion more of those steps than others!)

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