Monday, May 9, 2011

Ducks in a Box

Last Thursday we put the ducks in a box so we could clean out their area in the chicken coop. I hope you enjoy this slideshow of them running around in there!

You can also click on the Picasa icon in the lower right corner of the slideshow if you want to go directly to Picasa and view a larger slideshow there.

They are a little under one month old at this point and are just starting to get a little scraggly as their baby fuzz comes out and their real feathers grow in. Soon they will be independent of their chicken momma.

If you are new to BaltimoreDIY or need to catch up and want an update, here's a link to a video of the ducklings about a week and a half ago and at about two weeks old.

The yellow duck is getting a lot larger than the others so we're thinking it might be a Pekin. We have no idea what breed the others are.

So far the yellow and black one with the little cap on his head seems to be a crowd favorite! It's also been the bravest so far, and took a dip by itself in a neighbor's fish pond. The other ducks were nervous, likely because the hen wasn't getting anywhere near that water so they were confused by it and got out of the water as soon as they were put in it.

But of course, I have no favorites with the ducklings!

There have also been some rabbit mating adventures, in which our female Rex rabbit gave birth to a litter without us even realizing she was pregnant! The funny thing is, we are waiting on Ethel, our American Chinchilla rabbit, to see if she gives birth any day now, so this was totally unexpected. Unfortunately, like Ethel's first litter, the kits didn't survive. Is this a regular thing with first litters? I hope I don't sound cavalier glossing over this event, but it's not something I think most people want to read about. But still, I thought it was important to mention as part of the backyard barnyard adventures.

Quite a lot going on for BaltimoreDIY these days.

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