Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Specks and Keepings

Hillery Sproatt is a friend of mine here in Baltimore, with a lovely blog and website called Specks and Keepings.

She recently opened up a shop on her site, and since I am a customer and a fan, I let her know that I would do a recommendation post!

Several months ago I purchased one of her Bird & Horse mobiles which you can see below. The mobile is hanging in my bedroom and I look at it every day.

The things I own are generally more in the low-budget DIY style, so it's nice to add a bit of style that is well-crafted and elegant but still in a handmade and colorful way. I love the way it makes my home look.

I have serious photo envy of her blog too. She has such a good eye for images. If you want a bit of style inspiration, Specks & Keepings is a great place to visit!

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