Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meet the Ducks 2

Duck video #2 taken this morning!

Again, sorry for the weird angle at the beginning, I wanted to get the ducks at the beginning of their "feeding frenzy" when they get breakfast in the morning and it's hard to see them on camera through the chicken wire so I have to film them from the top. Towards the end there are much better full shots of all the little duckies!

They're growing so fast, already they are getting leaner and more duck-like instead of the little round fuzz balls they were barely two weeks ago.

I took a few individual shots of each duck too and will post them soon!

A few group shots:

And a Rhode Island Red trying to steal some of the duckling food (which this morning was chopped up gefilte fish, wilted spinach, and matzah soaked in water since Passover just ended):

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