Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kids Want Salads When They Visit a Garden

Yesterday I swung by the Boone St. garden to see if any of our radishes, carrots, peas, or beets have popped out of the ground yet. Nothing was up yet. To be honest, I think direct seeding is going to be really difficult the first year because the soil is very crusty and full of grass roots.

At least the seedlings should be more successful since they will already be established plants when we put them in the ground. We'll see!

So the seeds weren't up and there was a lot more trash blown around the site. On top of the Remington seeds not coming up, I've been getting kind of discouraged. Luckily two fourth grade girls rode up on their bikes and made my day.

(I didn't have a camera with me so I posted another photo of a kid-friendly gardening day hosted by Parks & People at the Gilmore housing projects last May.)

The girls at Boone St. yesterday were really excited to talk about gardening and gave me some ideas for things we could do with the produce. "You should donate it to poor people!" said one, and proceeded to tell me about her assignment to write about what she would do if she were the mayor of Baltimore.

"I want the first carrot!" said one of the girls as they watched me weed out the encroaching tentacles of grass growing up through the rows.

"All this talk about vegetables is making me want a salad." Awesome! I thought.

"The ones from McDonald's are really good." "So are the ones from Popeyes!"

Well... almost!

"Are you going to be here tomorrow?" they asked. No, I said. But I'll be here Saturday!

So even though we're struggling with getting the plants together right now, meeting the fourth graders gave me some extra encouragement that we're on the right path.

And as Cheryl said, if the seedlings totally fail, worst comes to worst we can purchase a few seedlings for the community garden.


Michael Brown said...

awesome! my kids will eat lettuce straight from the garden, but not at the table - go figure!

AlizaEss said...

Haha Michael, that's interesting! I'm wondering if you could make some kind of cracker-crumble "dirt" and arrange the lettuce leaves so they can pretend their salad is a plant!

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