Monday, April 4, 2011

Boone St. Week #3: Starting Seeds

Well, this photo isn't great but I hope you can see how Cheryl and I have our seedling lights set up. The long lights are hanging from string beneath the table. So far here's the seedling list:

- marigolds
- tomatoes
- watermelon
- cucumber
- zucchini
- yellow squash
- peppers

So far the marigolds are doing the best. Too bad you can't eat them, but hopefully they will be great for pest resistance, bouquets, and even medicinal use in salves and other herbal products.

Of course, other crops like okra and greens will be direct seeded into the ground. So much more composting and tilling lies up ahead!

After the various rain showers and sunny weather today, I can't wait to swing by the little plot in Remington and see if seeds are finally coming up there.

I put in carrots, baby bok choy, swiss chard and peas about a month ago and so far nothing has come up save a few peas and what I think are the baby bok choy. Fingers crossed that I won't have to re-plant.

So, headed off on the little bike to enjoy this weather! Headed over to the Remington garden and then Heart's Place Shelter to help out with serving dinner tonight.

*** UPDATE ***

Yup, I'm going to have to re-plant the Remington garden plot. I rushed to get the seeds in the ground before we went to Belize, so I put them in the first week of March. Either that was too early, or I put way to much rabbit compost on the seeds and smothered them. Aargh.

There are about ten pea shoots coming up, and I'd like to triple that number. None of the carrot seeds that I planted from the seeds saved from last year came up. There are a couple of other sprouts but I didn't plant them in orderly rows and everything is all jumbled.

It's frustrating, especially because I'm already a little nervous for the plants to grow at Boone St. since I've got my expectations up, and this doesn't make me feel any better.

A personal goal is to stop worrying so much if I'm two weeks behind on the planting scheduling and not feel bad if there are great seedlings coming up in the plots next to mine.

After all, I do this because growing your own food is fun, right!

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