Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Apple Jerky for Friends

Chilibrew #3 is this Sunday!

April 17th, 2011 noon to 4pm
Baltimore Free Farm
3510 Ash Street, Baltimore 21211

More details about this amazing homebrew beer and chili competition are posted below. So what's up with the photo of apple jerky above?

As part of Chilibrew's expansion into a full-fledged "Localize It" event, the Baltimore Foodmakers will be hosting a bake sale fundraiser. My contribution is going to be homemade apple jerky.

Each baking tray held about two pints of applesauce. I used non-stick tinfoil to line the trays and cooked them overnight at 170 on the convection oven setting. I was terrified the jerky would dry out but I think I caught it just in time! It's still nice and pliable.

The applesauce is home-canned, with no sugar added. Just apples and lemons! Last October I purchased a bushel of apple "seconds" for about $10. Seconds are apples that are a little bruised or damaged in some way, so most people don't want to buy them. But they are perfect for applesauce or other cooked apple dishes.

I canned up about ten pints last year and have mostly been baking apple-oatmeal breads and the like. Applesauce is a great canning project because it's so useful and can be made with the easier water-bath method, since the lemon juice and apples are acidic.

Chicken-Man and I have to be at a wedding in Florida so I unfortunately have to miss ChiliBrew (booo) but if you're around I know it's going to be a fantastic time! Plus you'll get to check out all the exciting happenings around the Baltimore Free Farm.

From the Chilibrew website:

Tell all your friends: it's time for another celebration of the DIY spirit! Brought to you by the BaltiBrew homebrew club and now the Baltimore Free Farm, the ChiliBrew is a charity homebrew competition and chili cookoff to benefit the Velocipede Bike Project and the Baltimore Free School.

We're asking for a $10-20 suggested donation, which will get you a ballot to vote on any or all of the competitions you want to taste: homebrew, veggie chili, and chili con carne (you must be 21 or older for homebrew of course). If you weigh in on the upper half of that sliding scale you'll also get a commemorative pint glass.

ChiliBrew website ->
Email us ->

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