Monday, February 14, 2011

Bunnies and Homemade Fig Newtons

More bunnies!

That's right. Our female American Chinchilla rabbit (Ethel) isn't being the best breeder with our male American Chinchilla (Frank).

Sometimes she warms up to him (see photo below!) but she still won't allow him to breed with her.

And as you can see, we let the chickens out of the coop too! It's so hard to get any weekend chores done when there are bunnies to pet and chickens to watch putter around the yard.

So just in case she never breeds, Chicken-Man and I drove out to Halethorpe this weekend and bought two more rabbits. Two month old Rex rabbits, to be exact.

We got a doe (female) and a buck (male), but since they are still young they can be housed together. We'll probably have to separate them in a month or two, but for now they are being the bestest of friends, cuddling up in the straw-filled cardboard box, eating carrot bits, and generally being adorable.

Does that mean I have worked out my difficulties with meat eating and cuteness? No.

But the bunnies won't be ready for breeding for four months, and then it will be another six months before the rabbits can be eaten, so I have almost a year to work things out. We'll see. For now, I am loving the rabbit compost and the fact that once it's warm the rabbits can eat the garden waste and turn it into instantly usable compost.

What else went on in the land of BaltimoreDIY this past weekend?

We went to our usual Sunday night barbeque at the neighbor's house. These are the same neighbors who have three fig trees and two peach trees in their yard. Last summer I canned up about four pints of fresh figs with lemon juice and cinnamon, with future plans to treat everyone in the dead of winter.

So Sunday afternoon I made homemade fig newtons with the canned figs! The recipe came from King Arthur flour. Here's a photo:

I replaced the shortening with butter and doubled the recipe, and the dough came out really crumbly and dry. After some momentary frustration, it turned out that the fig syrup gave the dough the stickiness it needed and everything turned out fine.

I tried making some with canned poppyseed filling as well, but they were much more dry than the fig variety. A great mid-morning snack with coffee.

Now that the weather is warming up, I'm dreaming of making a cutting from the fig trees to make more fig trees!

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