Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January: Bean Soup + Sourdough

We're still working our way through the venison stock and canned goods.

Winter Bean Stew:

+ two pints venison stock
+ one quart canned tomatoes
+ three carrots
+ one onion
+ two bay leaves
+ 1/4 quart dry mixed beans, soaked overnight

+ Combine the stock, tomatoes, soaked beans, and bay leaves. Simmer two to three hours, stirring periodically.

+ Add the carrots and onions. Simmer another half an hour. Taste.

+ A dash of hot sauce on top is great!

Also, my puffiest sourdough yet!

The previous (and much denser) loaf is pictured behind that lovely, air-pocket filled delight in front.

Who knew that actually following the minute details of the King Arthur recipe would pay off. Switching to part bread flour instead of part all-purpose may also have helped.

I think I just let the dough rest for the appropriate amount of time, instead of winging it.

Steps I didn't skip this time included folding the dough into thirds after letting it rise for an hour. Also, letting the dough rest before forming it into the final tight ball.

I'm going to have to rethink my sourdough schedule to make sure I do it right every time now.

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heather@it'stwinsanity said...

That bread looks delicious (and the soup too!) I've been baking my own using the 5-minute artisan bread recipes and have been amazed at how easy it's been!

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