Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Araucana Eggs

Another Araucana started laying, so our daily egg count is now up to six and is getting quite multi-colored.

I love the shades of blue and green mixed in with the pinkish tans.

Last night the Chicken Man (CM) and I had our first minor experience with chicken first aid. It was actually quite serendipitous, since we almost never check on the chickens at night.

But CM went out to see if we had any eggs in the nesting boxes, and what did he find but an Araucana looking like it was laying an egg! He almost closed the door so as not to disturb her, but then we realized that something looked off.

What we first thought was a broken egg turned out to be a soft outside shell of an egg. CM helped pull it out gently. Her feathers around the vent were looking rather pasted together and dirty, so after washing it as best we could, we clipped out the clumped feathers.

Hopefully she will be good as new! She seemed a little dazed after being handled, but as soon as CM lifted her up and put her on her feet she rambled over to sleep with her friends on the roost.

I'm thinking maybe this was a first egg experience or something, I guess we'll just keep an eye on her and make sure things are normal over the next few days.

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Samantha said...

I hope she is good as new! How perfect that CM was out there to come to her rescue! Those blue eggs are so gorgeous!

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