Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy November! And I hope everyone had a nice Halloween.

I was kicking myself this morning for not taking any pictures of Hauntingdon, the Halloween block party that happens on Huntingdon Avenue in Remington. Luckily many of the decorations were still up this morning, so I managed to snag a photo of this porch, and the neighbors happily offered to jump in the photo.

Many of the front porches were decorated and had some kind of interactive activity going on. There was Heads Will Roll with doll-head bowling, a puppet show, a Zombification Station where you could get zombie face paint, goo, an exploding pumpkin by Science Camp's John Rowley, hula hoops, stilt-walkers, a theremin, and more!

The kids really seemed to be loving it, and there were a ton of people from the neighborhood there hanging out. It was definitely one of the best city festivals I've been to since Artscape. Major props to the organizing committee for such a fantastic event.

I was pretty beat however after a long food making weekend, so I didn't take many photos and ended up sitting next to a friend's bonfire.

What else happened this weekend?

STEW was Friday night.

The food was amazing as always, and you can visit the STEW website to hear video of the community groups who spoke.

Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle was formed by a group of students who came up through the Baltimore City public school system and are currently protesting Baltimore's decision to spend $104 million on a youth detention center.

Hit and Stay is a documentary recording the history of the famous Catonsville Nine and Baltimore Four Vietnam War peace activists.

The Change4Real Project is a movement at Sojourner-Douglass College focused on bottom-up city growth and creating strong neighborhood networks from within; they work specifically with the community of Oldtown, which is located near the college.

Plus, the STEW kitchen crew were interested in putting out jars of local preserves, and they called me to ask if I knew anyone with lots of preserves lying around. The definitely came to the right place!

I decided I could spare some gingered watermelon pickles, saurkraut, and pickled beets from my steadily growing pantry. The plum jam, canned tomatoes, salsa, and spicy relishes I've got to hold on to for winter. All I've got left to can is some applesauce this week and maybe a little more hot sauce, and then that's it!

We also had a fundraiser for The Beet bulk food buyers club at the Lantern Parade. I sort of never want to see a chickpeas again. We sold a good amount, but I still had a TON left over and ran around all Hauntingdon giving away containers of chickpeas.

On the plus side, I now have some really yummy Old-Bay and lemon flavored hummus for lunch today. I'm going to eat it with some steamed broccoli and sourdough.


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Hi Aliza! Love that sourdough and salad...looks soooo good!

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