Tuesday, November 23, 2010

BaltimoreDIY Gets Venison

I thought I would put a photo of the steaks frying in the pan to avoid terrifying any of you squeamish folk with photos of the butchering. If seeing where meat comes from disturbs you, I would recommend skipping this post. 

And now: An Epic Saga of Venison!

There has to be some kind of urban homesteading badge for this adventure.

Chicken Man has been talking about hunting for some time. On a typical Saturday we usually have sourdough toast and coffee while watching the hunting shows on Versus (I never knew there was a hunting channel before now.) Last weekend we took a walk around an area of the Prettyboy Reservoir with a friend to scope out hunting locations. But schedules have been packed lately, and he still hasn't gone hunting yet.

So how is his freezer is full of venison steaks, stew meat, ribs, stock bones, and even the hide and head of a small deer?

Yesterday something ridiculous happened.

Chicken Man (I'll call him CM for short) was walking around a somewhat wooded area of the city around lunchtime yesterday. The location won't be named in case any of this is illegal in some way.

As he was walking, a young deer tried to sprint past him and some other people walking nearby. The deer jumped over a parked car, accidentally clipped the car, then fell down into a ravine. It didn't get back up.

So CM immediately ran to find our friend from Montana who is well versed in dressing wild game.  I won't go into details, but they spent the next six hours butchering and wrapping the venison meat.

As far as ethical meat-eating goes, I feel like this venison has got it going on. The deer would definitely have suffered badly from it's injuries if it hadn't been humanely slaughtered by a knowledgeable hunter.

And now we've all got plenty of meat.

I got home in time just to catch the end of the sectioning of the deer into stew meat, stock bones, steaks, organs, and miscellaneous sausage meat.

After we fried the steaks I poured some wine into the pan with garlic and rosemary (grown in a tree well outside the front door) to make a nice sauce:

One of the most ridiculous deer "hunting" stories ever.
I still cannot believe this happened.


Laura said...

Crazy Aliza! I hope it tastes good!

togetherinfood said...

Hi there, Just commented on your Homegrown.org post. Congrats on getting so much venison! I like your blog and am doing something similar in San Francisco. I saw that you roasted cauliflower, and I just roasted some with their greens (vs. throwing 'em away) -- which was very tasty. Thought you might like the recipe: http://togetherinfood.wordpress.com/2010/11/10/roasted-cauliflower-cauliflower-greens%C2%A0recipe/
--Stephanie M at Together In Food

Nichole said...

Aliza! Saw this post via Baltimore Foodmakers & then it came up in dinner conversation last night when a friend of ours was TELLING this story! Sounds like we have some mutual friends (who work for Outward Bound)! Excellent story!

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