Monday, October 4, 2010

Muhammad's Squash Fence

Last November I mentioned Muhmammad, one of my favorite Remington gardeners.

(Scroll down on this blog post to see a photo of his taro roots and cilantro.)

This man knows what he's doing. Not only is he growing giant okra, taro, and a ridiculous amount of beans and squash, he somehow manages to sneak a garden into nooks and crannies all over the neighborhood.

This fence at the end of our alley has slowly been taken over by the biggest squash plant I have ever seen. I'm not 100% sure of the type of squash, but I think it might be a bitter melon.

It's starting to climb up the telephone wires and has even taken over the tree.

Now it looks like the tree is growing bitter melon!

There is a tiny strip of land about six inches wide below the fence, and he has even managed to cram a few food crops onto that. He is growing hot peppers and some jute, which I thought was just a fiber plant (burlap is made out of jute), but it turns out that the leaves of the plant are edible.

So much food on about a foot of land! Muhammad is my gardening hero.

My goal next year is to plan more squash and beans like him, since I notice that he has steadily been harvesting really high calorie food while I keep throwing out my insect damaged tomatoes and don't have very much food coming out of the garden these days...

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