Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fourth Annual DIY Fest Coming Soon

We've been working hard planning the 4th annual DIY Fest, and now SUNDAY (the 24th) is the big day!

Can't wait to see you there, there are so many amazing workshops. And for the first time ever we are also having a panel discussion.

There are so many interesting business cooperatives opening up in Baltimore, we thought we would include a discussion with Red Emma's, Baltimore Bicycle Works, and the Fusion non-profit partnership to talk about running a business outside of the usual economic model.

2640 St. Paul St.
12-6 p.m.

The DIY Fest website has details on the workshops and times.

Urban Foraging (12:00 – 1:00)

Zines & the Art of Self-Publishing (1:10-2:10)

Reusing Yarn Fiber for Knitting/Crocheting (1:45-2:45)

Cordage, Flint Knapping & Fire by Friction (2:15-3:15)

Alternative Business Models Panel (3:00-4:00)

Pumpkin Carving/Painting (3:15-3:45)

Infant Care Workshop – Baby Dooty (3:45-4:45)

Roadside Repair (4:15 – 5:15)

Urban Composting (4:30 – 5:30)

Home Brewing (5:00 – 6:00)

Intro To Screen Printing (5:00 – 6:00)

Of course, you don't have to attend the event all day, stopping by is perfectly fine!

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