Monday, September 20, 2010

September 2010 Potluck

The September potluck went down this past Sunday in Dewees Park, just north of the city. Here's my plate, right before that little doggie sniffed in and stole my chunk of venison!

This potluck was a quiet one. I'm guessing a lot of people are busy with starting school again and other fall time activities. Although the crowd was small, it was still delicious and the weather was absolutely perfect. Since I tend to be a homebody, I always appreciate the potlucks for getting me outside and exploring parts of Maryland I've never been to.

I think the casual theme was supposed to be preserving the late summer bounty, but there ended up being another accidental theme instead-


There was watermelon juice, watermelon-mint-feta salad, pickled watermelon rind, and just straight up watermelon. The bees were pretty happy!

Plus there was apple butter on homemade bread that put mine to shame, a yogurt-dill soup, mushroom pate, salad, and homemade kimchee.

And Ian brought some kegs left over from his sister's wedding. Sitting outside on a late summer afternoon drinking homebrew champagne? Yes please.

Don't forget you'll be able to taste some of Ian's homebrewing goodness and obsession with fiery food at ChiliBrew Too on October 8th.

I took it pretty easy and just bought some Baugher's apples to slice and serve.

Of course, in the hour before I left my new King Arthur baking book started calling my name and I snuck in a quick flatbread recipe.

The recipe called for just flour, oil, salt, and water. Just knead into a dough + let rest for at least 30 minutes + divide into balls + roll out + dry fry in a frying pan.

Simple, and no yeast needed.

They turned out a little stiff for my taste, and I think it's because I was rushing it and didn't let the dough rest long enough.

So far the main thing baking has been teaching me is to have patience and not cut corners!

As we stood around getting to know each other (there is always a fun rotating cast of new and familiar faces for every potluck) we discussed plans for the October potluck.

Rumor has it we'll be replicating last November's adventures and pressing our own cider....


eduengler said...

esta é uma receita parecida com a de chapate,
fica assim mesmo dura

eduengler said...

this is a recipe similar to that of chapati,
is hard anyway

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