Friday, August 13, 2010

Participate with the Urbanite E-Zine

Have you checked out the August issue of Urbanite magazine yet?

Along with the usual in-depth look at various urban planning topics from education to the arts, there is an article about the Baltimore Foodmakers!

Disclaimer: yours truly is quoted in the article, which was written by fellow foodmaker and talented professional writer/photographer Michelle Gienow.

If the free monthly magazine isn't enough for you, Urbanite is now offering e-zines as well. Stay in touch with the city and find out about all kinds of upcoming events, news, style tips, green living ideas, and more.

Reader participation has always been a big part of Urbanite. They are asking for our input!

I recently received a forwarded email asking for reader participation for the following features:

Ask Mama Nature is a place for readers to ask questions about local natural history, green marketing (like the difference between free range and cage free and organic eggs), organic gardening, etc.

If you have a question that fits in these very wide parameters, please send it in. You can use the link on the Urbanite site. I'll find an expert to answer it in the next week's zine. (If you want to be the expert, or if you've got one to suggest, by all means send that in too).

Your Natural Buy is a snapshot of a reader posing with a favorite sustainable item they've recently bought, with a sentence or two about the item.

I guess I could take a photo of all of my Ball jars from Ace Hardware....
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