Monday, July 19, 2010

Video Footage from Artscape 2010

Major thanks to Nick Biddle for shooting this video!

I was a little worried about what to include in my post-Artscape post since I didn't spend a whole lot of time taking photos. Luckily this video made for the DIY Fest website includes a great overview of all the canning, cleaning, composting, and other DIY fun that I included at my table.

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by and said hello.

Compost Display

One of the sacks of potatoes I'm growing on my porch

Chatting it up

Soapberries and Baby Bok Choy Seeds
The baby bok choy seeds are perfect for city gardeners growing in containers, and since they are a cool weather crop it's not too late to start a small garden with them. You can start them in mid to late August. Yum!

Canning Display

A few folks even bought compost worms and were really excited about it. There were a few remarks that the last thing they had expected to buy at Artscape was worms.

There is nowhere in the city to buy red wiggler worms, which are worms that like to live in decaying material. I bought my from Uncle Jim's Worm Farm and had to have them mailed from PA. I'm inspired to possibly look into having a table at one of the farmer's markets.. we'll see.

Also thanks to Marian Glebes, curator extraordinaire of the section of Artscape where I was located.

As for more photos: someone named Matt House posted a few photos of the Hokusai-inspired Wave Ramp that my brother Elie helped build for one of the Midway exhibits:

More photos of the ramp are on Flickr. The above photo is taken from Matt House's collection.

The video should also be posted soon to

Check out the website if you're interested in hosting a workshop, having a table, and there will be future video and other content to come!


mscharmschic said...

Love the video!

JLGB said...

FYI... Arthur from the Hamilton Crop Circle has been selling his worms through Mill Valley and the farmer's market under 83. Although it's a bit of a hassle to sort them from the bucket of compost he'll give you.

************* said...

Yes, I've seen Arthur's worm bins at Mill Valley and have been conscious not to cut into his business.. many people have been contacting me to get just compost worms (separate from the bin set-up) so that's what I made available to people. It's a great thing that there is such a demand for compost worms and advice!

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