Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Marian's Artscape 2010 Photos

_MG_6972, originally uploaded by things on shelves..

Marian Glebes is the fantastic Baltimore artist who curated the Artscape exhibit that I participated in this year (and last year!).

She's posted some of her photos on a Flickr site.

They're lovely!

You can see the sprouting living room, the local food and barbeque of Matt and Dane (some of the legendary STEW cooks), art gallery bikes, miniature cityscapes, an acrylic puzzle of Baltimore's neighborhoods, the Baltimore Hostel's actual replica of a hostel room, photos, the gentleman recording radio pieces of Artscape, and of course, the BaltimoreDIY table!

As a side note, wow do I need to get a new camera. Even Nick Biddle's photos (posted on Monday)taken on his Droid turned out better than mine would have. Any recommendations for a good cheap camera? Or should I just get a Droid and call it a day?


e. said...

That's the coolest thing at artscape I've seen in years!

Nick Biddle said...

I have a Nexus One, which sadly isn't sold anymore. Try a Droid X, unless you're going to get a full blown DSLR. Point and shoot cameras aren't a good option.

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