Thursday, July 15, 2010

Artscape 2010

Just coming down off a whirlwind of last minute Artscape frantic-ness!

And yes, I used the same picture in my blog post last year. I just like it. If you're curious to see other photos of a past Artscape, they're on my Flickr page.

It's a picture of the Midway Bridge, where local artists set up miniature carnival booths like this one:

My table isn't on the Midway though, it's in the parking garage with other sustainability themed projects (like the Free Store.)

This year I'm adding to my display items and after many requests last year I decided to stop being shy and actually have a few things for sale:

Worm Compost How-To Instruction Pamphlet

Canning How-To and Crushed Tomato Recipe Pamphlet

All-Natural Cleaning Product Recipes Pamphlet

Homegrown Baby Bok Choy Seeds

Compost Worms and Apartment-Sized Worm Bins

Plus I'll have a display of canning supplies, a small library of urban homesteading books, and a display of various projects for learning useful skills like sewing, knitting, plant propagation, and knot tying.

Come visit my table in the parking garage across from the Charles Theater. I'll be there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I will be excited to see you!
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