Sunday, June 13, 2010

This weekend I'm relaxing and being a porch potato

My potatoes hanging out at HonFest.

The annual festival celebrating 1950s and 60s kitsch Baltimore goes on every year right outside my window in Hampden. Lots of beehives, leopard print, cat's eye glasses, and festival food. I took a brief walk to get an iced coffee and some kettle corn, but otherwise I am just watching the parade from inside my slightly cooler apartment.

The potatoes were left over from last year's CSA. I basically I threw them in some soil in the bottom of one of these burlap sacks. As the potato plants grow, I roll up the side of the bags and add more soil on top. After the plants flower and die back, supposedly I will have a bag full of potatoes!

I've been a bit of a "porch potato" myself this weekend. All I want to do is nap. Too hot to do much else. It feels good to step back and relax every once in a while.

Sadly I did miss the June foodmakers potluck. The theme was berries! And even though the potluck was in nearby Hamilton, my body decided it would rather take it easy and stay quiet.

The only foodmaker-y thing I did was boil some pea hulls and mint in water. Later on in the week I might try to make a mint-pea flavored jelly. Sometimes its nice to just do part of a project and save the rest for later.

I also picked up the first CSA shipment of the year! Lettuce, greens, radishes, strawberries, and garlic scapes were included. Nervous for the deluge of veggies that is to come.

Speaking of extra veggies and saving projects for later, I took the time to finally pack the kimchi from my bonanza of radish greens into smaller jars.

Off to read now. And perhaps I'll make a To Do list so I can take care of a few things during the week. It's been nice recharging the batteries though and taking it easy!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


Michael Brown said...

love the potato / burlap sack idea!

mscharmschic said...

Love that you can see Honfest at your door step!

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