Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Solstice 2010

I can always count on my fellow fairie Katie Red to celebrate the changing of the seasons with me. Last night we had a lovely dinner to celebrate the solstice and Midsummer!

Many people celebrate the longest day of the year (or shortest, if you are in the southern hemisphere) by staying up all night and watching the sunrise. Since our schedules didn't permit that, we celebrated at the end of the day instead.

Celebrating the equinox and solstice hasn't always been on my calendar. But since I've started living a life that's more in sync with the natural world, I've really enjoyed taking note of the cycles of life on earth. The sun isn't to be taken for granted!

The table is a little dark, but we had candles, white wine, bread, cheeses, yogurt, and honey. Plus I brought over some of the strawberry jam from the canning class, homemade pesto from One Straw Farm spinach and arugula, and pickled carrots that I harvested a few weeks ago.

Here is a photo of the leftovers that I had for breakfast and lunch today. Breakfast was the yogurt with strawberry jam and a few pickled beets. For lunch I had the pesto with pickled carrots and feta cheese rolled up in a pita. Yum!

Gathering herbs is a custom for many during the peak of summer, so I gathered up a little bouquet of herbs from the garden to scent the celebration. No photos of that, but we did take one of the salad. Nasturium blossoms and leaves, lilies, pea shoots, and two kinds of basil:

Somewhat spicy, pungent, and sweet!

Plus I brought over sparklers to celebrate the light of the sun

Special thanks to Katie Red's husband Jason & Katie S for celebrating with us too. And thanks to Katie Red and Jason for taking photos.

Hooray for the peak of summer! Harvest time is coming. Getting ready for the deluge of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, squash...

Welcome, Holly King! Goodbye for six months, Oak King!

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