Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Protecting our Waters: DIY Style

Yes I know, I'm late on the news. I think my brain needed a while to hide from the oil spill. But today I finally decided to take that step and donated to help restore the Gulf.

For a while I kept thinking that BP ought to be the ones footing the bill for this disaster. Then I realized that's a mean and short-sighted way of thinking.

As a society, we are all part of this. Someone has been giving BP their massive profits by demanding as much oil as cheaply as possible. That someone is us.

Of course, BP cut corners and should pay. Dearly. But sitting back and pointing fingers doesn't clean up the Gulf.

And also, why not donate? I spend money on beer, clothes, the Arrested Development DVD box set.. with my savings from eating less meat and riding a bike instead of buying gas, I can afford to spend a little to protect one of the most valuable resources on Earth.

The funny thing is, it was this t-shirt (image pictured above) from Threadless that finally got me to donate. I kept feeling unsure about which foundation to donate to, and this shirt pointed me in the right direction.

I ended up giving to the Gulf Restoration Network. The National Wildlife Federation and Waterkeeper Alliance are also places to explore.

If you'd like to support a local waterway, the Chesapeake Bay could always use a helping hand. (I've posted about learning your watershed in the past.)

A quick search turned up the website Bay Dreaming with a list of DIY ways to protect the water around you. Here are a few examples:

1. Use a rainbarrel to water your lawn, garden, or plants. The rainwater will get used by the plants instead of carrying run-off from the street into the Bay.

2. Buy a Chesapeake Bay license plate.

3. Clean up litter around local streams.

4. Grow an oyster garden!

5. Replace your boring lawn with BayScaping to restore native habitat and protect plant diversity.

Turn on the tap and realize how lucky we are to have a constant source of sanitary water. I never want that to go away. Let's do what we can now to protect it.

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mscharmschic said...

I really like the DIY list to protect water! I don't want water to go away ever.

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