Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In Our Control: This One's For the Ladies

In the most comprehensive book on birth control since the 1970s, women's health activist Laura Eldridge discusses the history, scientific advances, and practical uses of everything from condoms to the male pill to Plan B.

Do diaphragms work? Should you stay on the Pill? What does fertility awareness really mean? Find these answers and more in In Our Control, the definitive guide to modern contraceptive and sexual health. Eldridge presents her meticulous research and unbiased consideration of our options in the intimate and honest tone of a close friend. Eldridge goes on to explore large-scale issues that might factor into women's birth control choices, urging her readers to consider the environmental impacts of each method and to take part in a dialogue on how international reproductive health issues affect us all.

Whether you're looking for your first birth control method or want to know more about your current contraceptive choice, In Our Control offers the cutting edge information and practical wisdom you’ll need to make empowered decisions about your sexual health.

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And now some BaltimoreDIY tips for the ladies who want to live sustainably (men are free to read this and learn too!)

This is an issue that often gets overlooked because people are embarrassed to talk about it. I never even heard that there was an alternative to pads and tampons until I was in college.

Then I learned about the reusable silicone cup. It's marketed as the DivaCup, the Keeper, the Moon Cup, or other names. Although this product isn't for everyone, I'm a big fan, and it definitely cuts down on your carbon footprint.

No more trash cans full of disposable and non-biodegradable feminine products!

I personally went with the DivaCup since it was the brand they had at Whole Foods. It's sad that these aren't more widely marketed! People may be put off because the price is higher than a box of tampons, but the price of course drops off the more you use the product.

Although you have to be a little more familiar with your body to use the DivaCup, I kind of like that. I'm more comfortable and aware of my cycle, instead of ignoring it or treating it like a mess to be cleaned up.

Once you learn how to use one, they are completely comfortable. And I'm not religious about it, if I feel like taking a break I'll just use a biodegradable pad or tampon from organic cotton. Some women make their own pads, or you can even buy them on Etsy.

If you're not ready for the cup, try the fabric or biodegradable kind of feminine products. There are pros and cons to every option, and you can decide on which one works for you.

The same goes for exploring birth control options! Visit your doctor or Planned Parenthood. There are many options beyond the Pill that don't get a lot of media attention, and even some that don't result in a change in your hormone levels (which I am a fan of.)

All it takes is asking questions and getting to know your body.

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