Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BaltimoreDIY in the news!

Baltimore Sun Kombucha article!

I got a call recently from the Baltimore Sun after fellow foodmaker and friend Mattan let the reporter know that I am into fermenting. Thanks Mattan!

That's him pictured above holding a jar of kombucha. Photo taken by Kim Hairston of the Baltimore Sun.

I liked the article a lot. Public opinion about kombucha is all over the map, with some folks claiming it to be an elixir of life, while others see it as weird and potentially dangerous foodie experimentation. This article explored all of these issues in a balanced and knowledgeable manner.

Thanks Laura Vozzella! Great article.

And congrats to Julie Scharper, the Baltimore Sun writer and Twitteress whose compost heap gets a mention in the article, and to my own Chicken Man/Chemist who also gets a mention in the article.

A photo of my hibiscus tea flavored kombucha is floating around on the Flickr account, but if you've missed it:

Kind of hilarious that you can see the "pasturized for your safety" label on the lid of the recycled glass bottle when kombucha is the exact opposite of pasteurization!

Actually haven't brewed a batch in a while. The main thing I've been drinking is the apple cider and apricot flavored shrub for a sour treat.

The kombucha has more sugar than the shrub, and it's been too hot to drink something kind of sugary. These days if I'm not drinking a hoppy beer, I like a cold glass of water with a dash of the cider vinegar shrub.


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Very cool feature!!!! So happy for you!

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