Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Support Urban Farmers

On Monday I mentioned volunteering with Parks & People at a plant giveaway at Gilmore Homes in West Baltimore.

It was a really fun event! The kids were really excited and were great helpers digging holes, spreading mulch, and putting plants in the ground. Just check out these young ladies with the shovel! We found a lot of potato bugs and slugs too. I don't work with kids very much, but these little ones put a definite grin on my face.

Although I guess I look a little confused here getting ready for the giveaway! Good thing Sarah Krones knows what she's doing :)

Special thanks to the supervisors of the housing units who kept making sure we had enough water to drink and breakfast to eat and organized everything to make the event run smoothly.

There was a good turnout and a bunch of trees were put into planters that previously held bare dirt. Parks and People also gave away a lot of native plants and vegetable seedlings in addition to the trees that were put in.

Plants, pots, tools, and especially soil can get expensive and are a real barrier to spreading greenery across Baltimore. Many people are interested in gardening and growing things but might not have the resources to do so. I was really proud to help out Parks and People make it easier for the many people excited about growing things at Gilmore Homes.

Seedlings lined up and ready to go:

There was a lot of excitement putting in some green and living things in an area of the city where there aren't too many plants. It was nice to come together, get dirty, play a little, and talk about making things grow and thrive!

Here is Sara Krones giving a brief how-to on tree planting before everyone gets to work:

One of the new trees in the planter with Black-Eyed Susans at the corners:

Thank you to everyone at Gilmore Homes who took part in the planting and worked hard getting dirty and getting plants in the ground! It was lovely meeting you all and I would love there to be more events around the city like this one.


Speaking of spreading agriculture to urban areas that are struggling economically...

The deadline for purchasing a scholarship ticket to the Sowing Seeds conference on June 18th has been extended!

Just click on the link to get more information. I am aware that many people interested in this scholarship might not be reading this blog, so please spread the word to any people or organizations you think might be interested.

And if you are interested in sponsoring someone who might want a scholarship ticket, that information at this link also:

Thank you! And see you at the conference on June 18th!


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