Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sowing Seeds at the CGRN Giveaway Day

Special thanks to Tanvi from Sowing Seeds for sending along these photos of the Community Greening Resource Network (CGRN) Giveaway Day last Saturday!

CGRN is really great organization under the Parks & People umbrella, and a fantastic resource for all gardeners across the city. A fellow Remington gardener and I scored a ton of seedlings, some seed packets (daikon, corn, and tatsoi), plus mulch and some coconut coir. So many seedlings!

The cost of CGRN membership is only $5 for individual gardeners, and there are a lot of benefits like giveaway days, volunteer assistance, or workshops. Community gardens and school gardens are also part of the network.

See if you can spot me in my bright yellow tank top-

Thanks Tanvi! And Speaking of Sowing Seeds, don't forget that you can still buy tickets for the June 18th conference.

The event is going to be close by at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, and Will Allen is the keynote speaker. So many local organizations are getting involved, and I'm really excited to see everyone at the same event.


Scholarship tickets are available if needed as well. Or if you want to support some budding urban gardeners you can also purchase a Micro-Sponsorship ticket.

Hope to see you there!

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