Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Smoked Chicken Soup w/ Baby Kale & Black Beans: An Urban Chicken Adventure Recipe

So I've already mentioned my recent taste of an urban chicken on Monday's post. Feel free to click the link to see a photo of the chicken coop.

I mentioned in the earlier post that the chickens were too tough to eat due to the fact that they were egg-laying chickens, and were about six months past the usual age when chickens are slaughtered.

One of the chickens was smoked at a neighbor's house, which gave a great flavor to the bird but did nothing to improve the chewiness factor. So the chicken owner and I decided that stew was on the menu!

OMG, could you smell the smokiness. So yummy.

I have never cooked with anything smoked before and was a little unsure at first what to add to the soup. I started thinking of something with a kind of southern or southwestern theme. Dark leafy greens? Black beans? Chilis? Yes.

The fact that the kale in my garden is at a very tender baby state definitely enhanced my decision to do a kind of southern/southwestern-y style dish.

All I added to the chicken stock was an onion and a small cheesecloth bag full of black peppercorns, coriander seeds, and a chili pepper (in retrospect I would have used two or three chilis). Bring to a boil, then simmer for three hours or so!

You don't want to salt your broth until after its simmered because otherwise your salt content is going to be way out of whack as the broth evaporates.

After the broth was ready we salted to taste, then added the chopped up chicken (now tender!), the baby kale, and black beans (from The Beet!) I added a little bit of chili spice at the end to add some extra flavor.

I tried to get a photo of everything all happy in the jar but the black beans made it too dark to see what was in the broth.

Greasy, smoky, fatty, and with the nice beans and kale to balance out an all around yummy and very special meal.

Plus I got to ladle out the soup with my brand new ladle from Fairy Fest!

Hand-made from cherrywood. Sorry, I will try to track down the vendor info!

And now I've got to sign off... I've got stew to eat!
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