Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Skateboarding DIY

A break from my obsession with sustainable living through changing the way we eat and grow our food!

Thanks to my brother Elie for reminding me about another kind of DIY project.

Those of you who read the Baltimore City Paper may recognize Elie's name from last week's article about the skate park in Hampden. He was also involved with building the Pants Ramp at the 2008 Artscape (that's him skating the ramp in the above photo).

Today he sent me a link to a video about a DIY skatepark in Uganda, and it's really inspiring.

I spent a while trying to write this blog post but ended up deleting a lot because it all sounded kind of naive and sweet talking about community, etc. And really, the video says it best.

I'll just say that it's a powerful thing to see what passion, fun, and speed can do to bring people together.

You don't need a lot of money, just a common sense of purpose.


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mscharmschic said...

Very cool! I'm a big fan of skateboarding!

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