Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Real Food Farm!

(Thank you to local blogger Baltidome for the photo)

The Real Food Farm is one of Baltimore's most exciting programs linking employment, education, environment, and food security.

The program is part of Civic Works, so the goal is all about community building and helping train Baltimore's youth to work for and support a stronger and more beautiful city.

Urbanite Magazine wrote a really great article on the opening steps to build the farm last September 09. They listed a few bullet points about the goals of Real Food:

1. Improving Community Access to Organic, Wholesome and Real Food

2. Localizing Baltimore’s Food Consumption

3. Creation of New Green Jobs

4. Training Residents for Green Jobs

5. Promoting Education

6. Becoming Sustainable and Replicable

If you are interested in a more sustainable Baltimore, now is your chance to help out this amazing organization! Here's a sneak peak at an email that was recently sent out from RFF.


The Green School of Baltimore with Belair-Edison Neighborhoods, Inc
2800 Brendan Ave
Baltimore, MD
3:30-6pm (or sold out!)


Saturday, May 8 9am-2pm - RFF NEEDS your help! We continue our steady growth by breaking new ground and hauling loads of compost for the summer crops.

Saturday, May 23 9am-2pm - RFF will be building its new shaded gathering space - designed by REACH! high school students, and applying a nice coat of whitewash to keep the hoops cool all summer long.

Please rsvp to tbrown@civicworks.com and to inquire about regular volunteer positions available.

HOLD ON THOUGH, what's been going on at RFF all winter!?!? Here's a quick update:

Built HoopVillage - the educational first stage - was built with the Safe Healing Foundation in October 2009

Sold or donated over 1000 pounds of fresh produce to residents, schools, and restaurants

Established farm stands in the Coldstream Homestead Montebello and Belair-Edison neighborhoods, including locations at the Lake Clifton Campus and the Green School of Baltimore

Hosted over 300 students from 11 different schools and after school programs for in-school learning, after school programming and service-learning hours

Hosted over 1600 hours of volunteering from residents, students, urban farmers, and visiting groups

Started the RFF Orchard with 25 fruit trees (thanks to Tree Baltimore!)

Is home to two new bee hives (thanks to Bmore Honey!)

I'm so happy RFF is putting Baltimore at the forefront of the urban sustainability movement. What a great way to link a number of issues, and work on them all at once to create a better city. I can't wait to see how this project develops, and I know this model is spreading all over cities all across America!

By the way, if you're interested in learning more about urban agriculture, you can't do better than buying a ticket for the upcoming Sowing Seeds Conference on June 18th.

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