Monday, May 24, 2010

Planting in the Projects, Homebrew, Foodmakers, Urban Chickens, and More!

Update on this weekend's adventures!

There is just too much to say about each event, so hopefully I will get a chance to post more photos and details over the course of the week. For now here is a basic overview of the greening, making, and doing things fun!

(As always, don't forget you can click on a photo to enlarge it)

May 21-23 in BaltimoreDIY included:

A Parks and People plant giveaway at the Gilmore Homes in West Baltimore...

The May 2010 Baltimore Foodmakers Potluck. This month's theme was homebrew...

A trip to Northern Virginia with a very special friend of mine to pick up some chickens for his coop...

The ChiliBrew homebrew and chili fundraiser for Velocipede and the Baltimore Free School...

Thanks goodness it rained so I didn't have to water the garden! I stopped by after ChiliBrew for just a second because it's pea season and I wanted some veggies for dinner that night...

It was great to see all my fellow foodmakers, gardeners, homebrewers, and people who just plain like to get out, do projects, create communities, and make the world into a more exciting, beautiful, and hopefully greener place to live.


Also, if you RSVP'd for the June 1st Strawberry Jam canning class, you are in! I will see you at 7 p.m. at 2640 St. Paul. The class is now full!

Thanks to everyone who RSVP'd, and if this goes successfully hopefully I can have another workshop or two this summer.


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