Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Update: Flour Sack + Atomic Books + Nettle Kombucha + Luffa Seedlings

Update from this weekend!

I took time off from the internet, relaxed, slept late, saw friends, and ate a lot of hummus + sourdough + sprouts. I did get a few little fun projects in.

When I'm spending time with friends, I still like to have something to keep my hands busy. On Saturday night I worked on this sack to hold my bulk flour from the bulk food buying club.

I've been using paper bags to store the flour temporarily, but I wanted something more permanent. So I hit up the curtains section at Village Thrift and found this lovely fabric.

Here's a photo of the striped fabric I also got, and the blue and white plaid is a plastic fabric that I think might be waterproof, so I will probably make a waterproof bag for my bike with it.

The Beet Bulk Food Club also has burlap sacks if you are interested!

Somewhat blurry close-up to show the stitching (by hand- it usually takes me longer to sew with a machine since I don't really know what I'm doing on one.) Double seam to make the bag extra sturdy.

Sunday I took the opportunity to browse Atomic and pick up a few choice items. Korean cookbook, Wild Fermentation, and zines! About to read some of Jesse Reklaw's "Ten Thousand Things To Do" before bed.

Details from Nikki McClure's postcard series "Take Care"

Decided the nettle kombucha was ready to decant this weekend. Have to say, wasn't my favorite. Nettle has an aspargus-y flavor, which tasted somewhat strange mixed with the sour kombucha. A fun experiment, but I think I'll stick with my regular hibiscus tea to flavor.

Also spent some time across the street at Avenue Antiques to get more bulk food storage. Also got a great set of wooden salad bowls. The flour tin to store whole wheat flour:

And quick seedling update on the luffa squash. It's really time to start getting them ready to go outside.

They've been hanging out comfortably on top of the fridge, so next I think I'll set them out on the porch to get used to being outside, but where they still aren't at the full mercy of the elements.

(By the way, that's artwork from my aunt below the plants)

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