Monday, April 19, 2010

Urban Ag Gala Update

Friday night's Urban Ag Gala was a lot of fun!

Lots of seedlings everywhere planted in shoes, hats, newspaper, beer containers.. you name it, there was something green growing out of it!

I'd like to give a very special shoutout to the AmeriCorps crews who came, helped set up, chopped hundreds of veggies, served the food, and cleaned 2640 St. John's back into ship-shape. You all are a true example of good and honest service, and you all were REALLY appreciated. Glad you got to take home a lot of the extra food!

Speaking of which, YUM! Little sandwiches with mini greens, vegan tacos, Gunpowder Bison kofta meatballs, roasted parsnips, fresh squeezed beet, carrot, and parsley juice...

Folks enjoying the food in the smaller "Sunday Room"

Speakers in the larger "Clark Room," including Christopher Washington for the Sowing Seeds Conference coming up June 18th in Washington D.C. Will Allen is going to be the special guest! Tickets are on sale now, I'm really excited for this event:

Making seed balls with the kids (or as Wikipedia also calls them, "Tsuchi Dango Earth Dumplings")

Feel free to click on the photo below to enlarge the image and see the names of the wonderful organizations involved with putting on the Gala. See you all next year!
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